Global Technology Company Wins PDMA’s Innovator of the Year

By Dave Breda


“We created world-class NPD practices that increased resource utilization by 35% and improved time-to-market by 20%. Net R&D productivity has improved $50M annually. These results have made us more competitive in our industry.”
— SVP, Product Management


Accel was engaged by a $20+B company operating in more than 90 countries. New innovation practices were needed to drive more robust growth and greater market share. The organization had become overly dependent on incremental changes to well established offerings and was struggling to release new products and services. The past few new ideas for platform offerings were mired in a convoluted decision-making structure. Flagship offerings were losing market share to more nimble competitors.

Accel worked with this company to:

Implement a “light” mechanism to speed up decision making on new ideas
Structure a VoC (Voice-of-the-Customer) program designed to improve usage scenario and requirements gathering capabilities
Build a portfolio management discipline for development allocations (particularly new ideas)
Conduct a series of ideation workshops to jump-start the number of new platform ideas entering the product development pipeline