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Develop and Execute Innovation and Operations Strategy

Accel Management Group helps leading high-tech and life sciences companies gain competitive advantage through data-driven Innovation and Operations Consulting. Our senior professionals have top-tier educations, have served in line-management positions, and understand the dynamics and complexities of Fortune 1000 high-growth and mature companies. The company has completed over 500 industry-specific projects over the past two decades and accumulated benchmarking data from the top ten companies in each sector.

Portfolio Management

Product Strategy

Product Development Execution

Transformative Innovation

Manufacturing Strategy

Supply Chain Management

Operational Excellence


We follow a set of

Guiding Principles

Over 25+ years, we have worked hard to build and sustain a culture that delivers high value transformations to top-tier clients and attracts highly talented employees. Three guiding principles ensure that we sustain and build on the needs of our clients and our people.


We use our experience in innovation and operations to deliver data-driven strategies that create a shared vision of future objectives and superior performance.


We work side-by-side with our clients to implement solutions that are efficient, customer-focused, and sustainable.


Our top and bottom-line transformations are focused on the ultimate goal – driving exceptional results that leave our clients with competitive advantage.



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In today’s highly regulated and competitive environment, the stakes have never been higher for technology-driven Fortune 1000 companies to develop the right mix of products and deliver them on time and within budget. As a trusted advisor for the past 25 years, Accel Management Group helps leading high-tech and life sciences companies gain competitive advantage through data-driven Innovation & Operations Consulting.

welcome to our firm

Service Areas

If your high-tech or life sciences company is looking to accelerate speed-to-market, drive out costs, increase profitability, and achieve breakthrough performance, turn to Accel Management Group. We have over 25 years of experience helping our clients deliver transformational strategies, implement solutions, and drive lasting results.



Data-Driven Results

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