Semiconductor Industry

A traditionally cyclical industry, global semiconductor revenues are projected to reach $400B+ in 2017 (from a projected $338B in 2014). Looking to take advantage of the revenue upswing, semiconductor firms are navigating through a challenging environment currently driven by the "5 Cs":

  • Complexity: Shrinking process densities pushing the boundaries of Moore's Law and broader utilization of advanced technology (e.g., 2.5D/3D, FinFETs)
  • Costs: Increasing costs to design, develop, and manufacture products coupled with downward pricing pressure from customers
  • Connectivity: Advancing wireless technologies, declining sensor prices, and enhanced software abilities enabling the rise of the Internet of Things and a truly connected, data-rich world
  • Capabilities: Moving higher up in the software stack (e.g., Applications and APIs), integrating software development in traditionally hardware-driven environments, and trending from x86 to ARM architectures
  • Consolidation: Acquiring companies to build out / strengthen portfolios and leverage synergies (e.g., Qualcomm and CSR, Avago and LSI)

As such, semiconductor firms are looking to drive operating profits by effectively managing costs while enabling new revenue streams and optimizing portfolios. To achieve this, enabling sound R&D and operations fundamentals are paramount.

Accel has extensive knowledge across the semiconductor spectrum. From memory to microprocessors and digital logic to analog, we have hands-on experience driving top-line improvements and enabling bottom-line results. We staff engagements with experts who have worked in the semiconductor industry and who understand the technologies, unique business environment, operational levers, and end-to-end value chain. For a complete list of semiconductor industry services please visit Consulting Services.

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