Product Strategy

Continuous technological change, short product life cycle, fast-moving, innovative start-up competitors — technology-based companies face a number of unique challenges not encountered by mature industries. Few consistently overcome the changing landscape and continue to strengthen their competitive positions year after year. For those that succeed, a well-thought out and executed product strategy is a cornerstone of success. Product strategy allows the business to zero in on specific market segments and focus on product and consumer attributes. Accel helps clients implement the fundamental traits of a good product strategy:

  • Integration of customer input and feedback using voice-of-the-customer techniques, requirements gathering, prioritization, and language translation
  • Collaboration of all critical functions: sales, marketing, engineering, manufacturing, fulfilment, and support
  • Clear articulation of the strategy: Where are we going? How will we get there? Why will we be successful?
  • Integration of modular design and component reuse
  • Clear ownership of decision-making and workflow using tools like RACI