Pricing Management

Pricing management is one of the quickest and most direct levers for driving improved profitability. It is entirely controlled by the organization and can be adjusted readily and quickly, resulting in a very short window from making changes to seeing significant benefits. We work with clients to bring innovative solutions to improve their pricing management capabilities, leveraging our hands-on high-tech industry experience across semiconductors, electronic equipment, medical devices, and software.

We focus on helping our clients make improvements that deliver the most "bang for the buck" — a simple change to processes and/or policies has the potential to provide almost immediate impact to the bottom-line. Correspondingly, our thought leadership has particular emphasis on: integrated pricing process development, deal desk design and implementation, transaction management process design and approval threshold/pricing policy optimization, pricing analytics and discounting management improvement, and quote turnaround time reduction.

Through better pricing management, our clients have seen improvements in critical business and profitability metrics including:

  • Revenue: 4-8% increase
  • Gross Margin: 1-4% higher
  • Quote Turnaround: 20-50% faster
  • Price Realization: 3-5% better