Portfolio Management

Portfolio Management is a strategic capability that defines and selects the new product development efforts that will be undertaken by a company. Externally, Portfolio Management drives how the company competes in the marketplace; internally, it directs resources from the numerous functional organizations into a pipeline of new product projects. Companies that select indecisively, lack appropriate information when making decisions, or have more appetite than budgets, headcount, or time allow, will suffer from portfolios that cannot be effectively or predictably delivered, and that will not win in the marketplace even when delivered. Our Portfolio Management consulting service corrects these critical gaps to transform the organization into a highly effective information-driven leadership that delights customers while utilizing its product development staff most effectively.

Highly effective Portfolio Management relies on a structured process of constraints (resources, budget, and time) that enables innovative product strategy and portfolio scenario creation. Our transformation of companies' Portfolio practices into best in class performers involves several innovative tools and processes, as well as critical organizational behavior changes, that focus specific groups on simpler tasks once constraints are captured in more automated and visible fashion.

Through their transformations in Portfolio Management, our clients have realized benefits in:

  • Substantially more predictable product development delivery, with supplied resources meeting planned needs
  • Products that launch on time, meet original researched requirements, and win in the marketplace
  • Significantly higher levels of component and system reuse through platform management
  • Fewer late project cancellations, and higher product development utilization, productivity, and effectiveness
  • Increased revenue per R&D dollar