Pharmaceutical Industry

Major pharmaceutical companies spend $2-$10 billion to research, develop, trial, approve, and launch a typical new drug. Large, highly distributed, and multi-functional organizations are notoriously inefficient at managing and driving complex efforts, and the end result in the pharmaceutical industry is poor R&D productivity, unpredictable schedule achievement, and low-yield product portfolios. Reimbursement cost pressures also add to the profitability challenge and highlight the need for far better efficiency. An increasingly sophisticated patient market raises the bar even further on strategic selections, patient outcomes, and marketing effectiveness.

Accel provides proven expertise in evaluating R&D productivity and redeploying effective processes, team behaviors, and overall project successes. With our focus on competitive profitability, we can assist in paring down development pipelines, assisting the decision-making with objective industry research and metric-based measures of development portfolios. We can facilitate your core group of decision makers, enabling each to bring a valuable perspective to the table, and unifying them to common ground instead of allowing an obstacle-based culture to take over. Accel also applies the same principles at the tactical level, leading/facilitating cross-functional development teams to achieve each critical milestone, changing the culture to practice a needle-focus on schedule achievement while accomplishing all development, clinical, and operational goals.

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