Medical Device Industry

The Medical Device industry is entering a period of substantial change. The primary drivers include increased pricing pressures, reimbursement challenges, and regulation coupled with rapid growth in emerging markets and a general aging of the global population. Companies are consolidating as mergers and acquisitions are at an all-time high. While pricing flexibility remains for the most innovative technologies, companies are being pressured to demonstrate much greater economic value. The industry is being asked to improve clinical outcomes, expand access AND optimize cost and efficiency.

Accel provides deep expertise and a unique point of view in developing and implementing leading-edge product development and operations strategies. Our services support the rapid and effective development of new therapies to address unmet clinical needs and provide greater access in global markets. Our global manufacturing strategies consider product cost, tax, core competencies and business continuity (e.g., with an emphasis on reducing labor and overhead costs, optimizing effective tax rates, and expanding the presence in BRIC countries).

Since our founding in 1998, Accel consultants have actively supported MedTech industry leaders (including seven of the top 10) to achieve significant and lasting results. For a complete list of Medical Device industry services please visit Consulting Services.

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