General Manufacturing

While much of the press these days is on the high technology industry (products using technology at the cutting edge and leveraging the most advanced technology currently available), it is general manufacturing that drives the global economy. This includes many of our nation's largest sectors: motor vehicles and transport equipment, machinery and equipment, building materials, electrical machinery, chemical products, etc. Although the total R&D intensity for these industry segments is lower (relative to high tech and life sciences), businesses in the general manufacturing industries offer unrivaled scale and scope. Due to the highly competitive nature of the general manufacturing industry, it is also where many of the operations and supply chain best practices are established as businesses aggressively compete on cost and service.

Accel has extensive knowledge of manufacturing best practices across a number of general manufacturing industry segments (e.g., automotive, construction, industrial products). Our application of leading-edge operations and supply chain strategies, innovative processes (e.g., lean manufacturing), best practice tools, and benchmark studies enables companies in highly competitive industries to create and sustain competitive advantage.

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