Food & Beverage Industry

The Food and Beverage industry continues to evolve, with a significant, ongoing shift in the balance of trade at the forefront for US companies. US Food & Beverage exports were approximately $80B in 2013, a 26% increase over four years earlier, and $12B greater than food imports. The future trend is towards even greater contributions to the balance of trade in the coming years.

The globalization trend and success of US companies can be linked to industry best practices. US companies bring a reputation for higher levels of food safety and worker protection, along with leadership in the recent hot button of corporate social responsibility (CSR), driving efforts to reduce waste, energy, and water consumption.

Accel Management Group assists our Food & Beverage clients in driving safety, compliance, and operational efficiency to improve customer satisfaction and bottom line results. We bring specific expertise in the selection and implementation of ERP and other critical information systems needed to drive traceability and operational efficiency to support the Food & Beverage industry's unique requirements.

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