Critical Project Recovery

Critical Project Recoveries involve "make or break" projects that must succeed. Typically they involve new product development of a crucial platform or a substantial game-changer product, but also may encompass system infrastructure, acquisition, and operational executions. For such projects where failure is not an option, we work with clients to bring required resources to bear; re-develop or create a detailed plan to consider all contingencies; organize the implementation team around clear and complete responsibilities; and execute the plan with appropriate discipline, task visibility, schedule predictability, and responsiveness to project events.

Our role in Critical Project Recoveries is often as the Project Leader. In other situations, we are a close enabler and behind-the-scenes facilitator for a leader who is already in place. In either role, our first job is to ensure execution precision and completeness, free-flowing and timely communication, and immediate response and backup for risk items. Project participants benefit greatly from the on-the-job education of a Critical Project Recovery, as the situation leverages and illustrates crucial aspects of Project Management Excellence that cannot be learned adequately through traditional training. The end result is a successful project, as well as stronger individuals and an even stronger team capability.

Our clients have realized some crucial successes from Critical Project Recoveries:

  • Previously un-manageable OEM Development Effort recovered and delivered
  • Failing platform system turned around and achieved first-pass test success, regulatory approval, production ramp, and launch
  • ERP system selected, defined, customized, tested, piloted, launched, and accepted, against an aggressive timeline
  • Client staff exposed to and experienced in hands-on project management excellence, and ready to excel in their next projects