Biotechnology Industry

A substantial portion of Biotechnology is becoming the risk diversifier of the Pharmaceutical Industry. More and more, Biotechnology is sought out as a solution where previously only pharmaceutical compounds were envisioned. This dynamic presents a business opportunity as large Pharmaceutical companies look for partners and acquisitions, but also places a high premium on sophisticated management of Biotechnology's new product developments. Biotechnology development is not a staggered workflow of research followed by manufacturing development; it is a unified and coordinated effort that requires standard platform development to enable reliably repeatable manufacturing. It is simultaneous development of manufacturing process and the biologic.

With our focus on improving competitive profitability, Accel applies expertise in complex development and operations to restructure, streamline, and recreate practical biotechnology development. From the perspective of the working levels, we pare out unnecessary management loops and second-guessing; simultaneously for executive leadership, we implement the right controls in development efforts to highlight pertinent business metrics without the noise. The end results of engaging Accel include recovered development efforts, highly reliable project schedules and targets, and team-level and management-level organizational mechanisms developed and implemented for long lasting improvements in corporate culture.

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